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Cooking Matters and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Collaborative Training

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An interactive in-person experience for child care professionals working in CACFP participating programs across the state of Colorado to practice hands-on cooking, knife skills, and menu planning meeting CACFP meal pattern requirements. This limited time collaborative training will focus on how nutrition plays a role in child development, food safety, whole grain identification, making meal time fun and nutritious, and how to calculate sugar limits in yogurt and cereal.

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Face to Face and Virtual Webinar options. Please see information below on how to register. Event dates are listed on the Child and Adult Care Food Program site. Virtual webinars require internet access and a device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, to view the session.

Target Audience
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) participating early childhood educator providers and staff


No cost for CACFP providers

     Upon completion, learner will be able to: 

  • Identify and create several mealtime rituals as a way to build healthy eating habits through completion of the Ritual Brainstorming Group Activity.
  • Name, apply, and practice knife safety and food preparation safety techniques through hands-on cooking of 6-8 recipes.
  • Practice identifying whole grain foods by reading label ingredient lists using the Identifying Whole Grains Hands-on Activity, Putting Whole Grains to the Test demonstration, and using Nutrition Fiber Models.
  • Practice identifying several ways to prepare and serve CACFP-approved foods so they appeal to children using the Meals that Appeal to Kids handout and completing the Meal Appeal Taste Test Activity.
  • Discuss and list several ways to partner with parents and communicate consistently about food and nutrition issues with the Partnering with Parents handout. Participants will draft at least four food policies to encourage healthy eating in early child care environments.
This training aligns to Colorado's Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators.
  • Child Growth, Development and Learning 4.2 Utilizes knowledge of the current research and pedagogy (e.g., early brain development, continuity of care) to implement strategies that support environments, interactions, relationship-building, and experiences which foster positive brain development and emotional competence.
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition 14.1 Describes safe and sanitary food handling procedures when purchasing, storing, preparing, and serving meals, snacks, breast milk, and formula.
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition 15.2  Models and maintains an environment that supports healthy eating habits by providing developmentally and culturally appropriate eating utensils and encourages self-help skills during meals and snacks.
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition 16.1 Describes and models professional practices to ensure health hazards in meals and snacks (e.g., choking and allergies) are eliminated.
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition 17.1. Defines ways to communicate with families about menus, children’s eating patterns and amounts, mealtime skills and behaviors, family preferences, and diverse influences on food and eating habits as appropriate by age and situation.
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition 18.2 Implements and ensures meals and snacks that are nutritionally sound based on program policies, procedures, practices, development, and special needs of children.

This course is available through Cooking Matters and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (event dates are listed here). Please register by clicking here. You may also contact Heather Aguilar ( or 303-801-0319) or Amber Troutman ( or 303-801-0178) with Cooking Matters Colorado to schedule a training for your program. Please see scheduled events below for currently available registration.

Last Update 1/13/2020

Additional Information

This course has been recognized as aligned to The Colorado Competencies and meeting best practice standards for adult instruction through the Colorado Shines PDIS Training Alignment Process. The Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities, issued by the Division of Early Care and Learning, Colorado Department of Human Services, take precedence over any course content.

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For more information, contact your child care licensing specialist.

Please note, instructors will mark your attendance and course completion in the Colorado Shines PDIS within seven days of the course event date. Paper certificates might not be issued at this training. You may confirm your course completion, view, and print an online certificate through My Dashboard – My PDIS Transcript menu navigation of the Colorado Shines PDIS. Please do not upload a course certificate that is already linked to your Colorado Shines PDIS account as this may delay processing of professional credentials.

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This course is available through Cooking Matters and the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Please register by clicking here. You may also contact Heather Aguilar ( or 303-801-0319) or Amber Troutman ( or 303-801-0178) with Cooking Matters Colorado to schedule a training for your program. 

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