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Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response (FEMA)

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This course is not available in the PDIS at this time. Child care center directors and family child care home providers should use the link below to take the "FEMA training" from the Federal Emergency Management Institute (FEMA) and build an emergency response plan.

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Take the FEMA training 


General Rules for Child Care Facilities, 7.701.100A: Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lockdown, and Active Shooter on Premises Plans for Children in Care 

All child care providers must have a written plan for evacuating and safely moving children to an alternate site, as well as lockdown, shelter in place, and active shooter on premises. The plan must include provisions for multiple types of hazards, such as floods, fires, tornados, and local shootings. All employees of a child care provider must be trained in emergencies and disaster preparedness. 
1. “Lockdown drill” means a drill in which the occupants of a building are restricted to the interior of the building and the building is secured. 
2. “Shelter-in-place drill” means a drill in which the occupants of a building seek shelter in the building from an external threat. 
3. “Active shooter on premises drill” means a drill to address an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined space or other populated area.  


Child care center directors or family child care home providers should take the FEMA training and build an emergency response plan.

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This training is offered through FEMA and is not tracked through the Colorado Shines PDIS at this time.
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