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Child Health Promotion 2

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Child Health Promotion 2 is the second in the Child Health Level 2 series.  It's focus is on physical health for young children including outdoor play, the benefits of physical activity and best practices in nutrition.

Clock Hours: 1

Counts Toward
Level 2 clock hours

Course Delivery Method
Online, self-paced course

Upon completion, the learner will be able to:

  • Locate playground quality standards as well as identify why playground inspections are important and where you can find certified playground inspectors
  • Describe why physical activity matters, provide recommendations for physical activities, and explain how it contributes to overall health of children
  • Identify key components of quality nutritional practices in early childhood programs including mealtime routines, gardening and sources for nutrition information and educational opportunities
HSN 6.1. Explains daily routines for rest/sleep and physical activity/play as developmentally appropriate. 
HSN 12.1. Identifies safety requirements for all outdoor and indoor areas including the condition of equipment and materials and identification of potential hazards. 
HSN 15.1. Identifies healthy and appropriate eating habits for children. Understands the role of culture in eating habits. 
HSN 16.1. Describes and models professional practices to ensure health hazards in meals and snacks (e.g., choking and allergies) are eliminated. 
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Last updated: April 8, 2019

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